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Watch Free NRL Live Online Streaming 2016

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Watch 2016 NRL Rugby league Live Streaming Online 

THE 2016 NRL draw is out! Here's full run down of dates, kick-off times and match schedules for all 16 clubs.

Thursday night will kickstart most of the regular season rounds in 2016 with 18 scheduled in for the season.
Perth will host two games in 2016 with Rabbitohs and Titans travelling in round 13 and Manly and the Warriors heading west in round 19.

The decision suggests the NRL is keen to test drive the sport’s popularity in the west as they look towards expansion in the coming years.

Good Friday will see the Grand Final repeat while Rabbitohs will host the Bulldogs. The Anzac Day triple header in round eight will see Knights face Sea Eagles, Dragons take on Roosters and Storm host Warriors.


Thursday, Mar 3
Eels vs. Broncos, Pirtek Stadium (NINE/Fox Sports) 8.05pm (7:05pm Qld time)
Friday, Mar 4
Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs, Brookvale Oval (NINE/Fox Sports) 8:05pm
Saturday, Mar 5
Raiders vs. Panthers, GIO Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Tigers vs. Warriors, Campbelltown Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Cowboys vs. Sharks, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm (6:30pm Qld time)
Sunday, Mar 6
Roosters vs. Rabbitohs, Allianz Stadium ((NINE/Fox Sports)) 4pm
Titans vs. Knights, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm (5:30pm Qld time)
Monday, Mar 7
Storm vs. Dragons, AAMI Park (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Mar 10
Panthers vs. Bulldogs, Pepper Stadium ((NINE/Fox Sports)) 8:05pm
Friday, Mar 11
Broncos vs. Warriors, Suncorp Stadium (NINE/Fox Sports) 8:05pm (7:05pm Qld time)
Saturday, Mar 12
Raiders vs. Roosters, GIO Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Rabbitohs vs. Knights, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Eels vs. Cowboys, Pirtek Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm (6:30pm Qld time)
Sunday, Mar 13
Sharks vs. Dragons, Shark Park (NINE) 4pm
Storm vs. Titans, AAMI Park (FOX) 6:30pm (5:30pm Qld time)
Monday, Mar 14
Tigers vs. Sea Eagles, Leichhardt Oval (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Mar 17
Cowboys vs. Roosters, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 8:05pm (7:05pm Qld time)
Friday, Mar 18
Bulldogs vs. Eels, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 8:05pm
Saturday, Mar 19
Knights vs. Raiders, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Panthers vs. Broncos, Pepper Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm (6:30pm Qld time)
Titans vs. Tigers, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 9:30pm (8:30pm Qld time)
Sunday, Mar 20
Warriors vs. Storm, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Dragons vs. Rabbitohs, Sydney Cricket Ground (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Mar 21
Sea Eagles vs. Sharks, Brookvale Oval (FOX) 7pm


Friday, Mar 25
Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Broncos vs. Cowboys, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 8:05pm (7:05pm Qld time)
Saturday, Mar 26
Raiders vs. Titans, GIO Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm (4:30pm Qld time)
Roosters vs. Sea Eagles, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 27
Dragons vs. Panthers, WIN Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Mar 28
Warriors vs. Knights, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Tigers vs. Eels, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 4pm
Sharks vs. Storm, Shark Park (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Mar 31
Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs, Brookvale Oval (NINE) 8:05pm
Friday, Apr 1
Titans vs. Broncos, Cbus Super Stadium (NINE) 8:05pm (7:05pm Qld time)
Saturday, Apr 2
Storm vs. Knights, AAMI Park (FOX) 3pm
Tigers vs. Sharks, Campbelltown Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Cowboys vs. Dragons, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm (6:30pm Qld time)
Sunday, Apr 3
Roosters vs. Warriors, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Eels vs. Panthers, Pirtek Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Apr 4
Bulldogs vs. Raiders, Belmore Sports Ground (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Apr 7
Broncos vs. Dragons, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, Apr 8
Rabbitohs vs. Roosters, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Apr 9
Eels vs. Raiders, Pirtek Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Warriors vs. Sea Eagles, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Panthers vs. Cowboys, Pepper Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Apr 10
Sharks vs. Titans, Shark Park (FOX) 2pm
Knights vs. Tigers, Hunter Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Apr 11
Storm vs. Bulldogs, AAMI Park (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Apr 14 7:50pm
Sea Eagles vs. Eels, Brookvale Oval (NINE)
Friday, Apr 15
Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Apr 16
Titans vs. Dragons, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Bulldogs vs. Warriors, Westpac Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Broncos vs. Knights, Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Apr 17
Raiders vs. Sharks, GIO Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Tigers vs. Storm, Leichhardt Oval (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Apr 18
Roosters vs. Panthers, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7pm


Friday, Apr 22
Broncos vs. Rabbitohs, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Apr 23
Bulldogs vs. Titans, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Raiders vs. Tigers, GIO Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Cowboys vs. Eels, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Apr 24
Sharks vs. Panthers, Shark Park (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Apr 25
Knights vs. Sea Eagles, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Dragons vs. Roosters, Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Storm vs. Warriors, AAMI Park (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, Apr 28
Rabbitohs vs. Tigers, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, Apr 29
Eels vs. Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Apr 30
Panthers vs. Raiders, Carrington Park, Bathurst (FOX) 3pm
Roosters vs. Knights, Central Coast Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys, Brookvale Oval (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, May 1
Warriors vs. Dragons, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 12pm
Titans vs. Storm Cbus, Super Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Sharks vs. Broncos, Shark Park (NINE) 4pm


Thursday, May 12
Dragons vs. Raiders, Jubilee Oval (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, May 13
Eels vs. Rabbitohs, Pirtek Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, May 14
Panthers vs. Warriors, AMI Stadium, Christchurch (FOX) 3pm
Storm vs. Cowboys, Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Sea Eagles vs. Broncos, Suncorp Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, May 15
Knights vs. Sharks, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Tigers vs. Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, May 16
Titans vs. Roosters, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 7pm


Thursday, May 19
Rabbitohs vs. Dragons, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, May 20
Cowboys vs. Broncos, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, May 21
Tigers vs. Knights, Campbelltown Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Warriors vs. Raiders, Yarrow Stadium, New Plymouth (FOX) 5:30pm
Sharks vs. Sea Eagles, Shark Park (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, May 22
Panthers vs. Titans, Pepper Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Bulldogs vs. Roosters, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, May 23
Eels vs. Storm, Pirtek Stadium (FOX) 7pm


Friday, May 27
Broncos vs. Tigers, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, May 28
Dragons vs. Cowboys, WIN Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, May 29
Raiders vs. Bulldogs, GIO Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, May 30
Knights vs. Eels, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Panthers, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Storm, Titans, Warriors


Friday, Jun 3
Raiders vs. Sea Eagles, GIO Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jun 4
Warriors vs. Broncos, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Cowboys vs. Knights, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Storm vs. Panthers, AAMI Park (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 5
Roosters vs. Tigers, Allianz Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Rabbitohs vs. Titans, NIB Stadium (FOX) 6:30pm
Monday, Jun 6
Bulldogs vs. Sharks, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Dragons, Eels


Thursday, Jun 9
Broncos vs. Raiders, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, Jun 10
Tigers vs. Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jun 11
Knights vs. Warriors, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Eels vs. Titans, TIO Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Roosters vs. Storm, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 12
Sea Eagles vs. Panthers, Brookvale Oval (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jun 13
Dragons vs. Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 4pm
Sharks vs. Cowboys Shark Park (FOX) 7pm


Friday, Jun 17
Rabbitohs vs. Eels, ANZ Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jun 18
Dragons vs. Storm, WIN Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 19
Warriors vs. Roosters, Mt Smart Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jun 20
Titans vs. Sea Eagles, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Broncos, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Knights, Panthers, Raiders, Sharks, Tigers


Friday, Jun 24
Panthers vs. Rabbitohs, Pepper Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jun 25
Knights vs. Dragons, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Sharks vs. Warriors, Shark Park (FOX) 5:30pm
Bulldogs vs. Broncos, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 26
Titans vs. Raiders, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Storm vs. Tigers, AAMI Park (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jun 27
Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Eels, Roosters


Thursday, Jun 30
Roosters vs. Bulldogs, Allianz Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, Jul 1
Broncos vs. Storm, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jul 2
Warriors vs. Titans, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Tigers vs. Panthers, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Sharks vs. Eels, Shark Park (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 3
Raiders vs. Knights, GIO Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys, Barlow Park, Cairns (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jul 4
Sea Eagles vs. Dragons, Brookvale Oval (FOX) 7pm


Friday, Jul 8
Eels vs. Roosters, Pirtek Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jul 9
Bulldogs vs. Tigers, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 10
Panthers vs. Sharks, Pepper Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jul 11
Raiders vs. Cowboys, GIO Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Broncos, Dragons, Knights, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles, Storm, Titans, Warriors


Friday, Jul 15
Dragons vs. Titans, Jubilee Oval (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jul 16
Sea Eagles vs. Warriors, NIB Stadium (FOX) 3:30pm
Rabbitohs vs. Broncos, ANZ Stadium (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 17
Knights vs. Storm, Hunter Stadium (FOX) 2pm
Panthers vs. Eels, Pepper Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jul 18
Roosters vs. Sharks, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7pm
Byes: Bulldogs, Cowboys, Raiders, Tigers


Thursday, Jul 21
Cowboys vs. Bulldogs, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday, Jul 22
Broncos vs. Panthers, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Saturday, Jul 23
Raiders vs. Warriors, GIO Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Titans vs. Eels, Cbus Super Stadium (FOX) 5:30pm
Storm vs. Roosters, AAMI Park (FOX) 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 24
Sharks vs. Knights Shark Park (FOX) 2pm
Dragons vs. Tigers ANZ Stadium (NINE) 4pm
Monday, Jul 25
Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles, Allianz Stadium (FOX) 7pm


Jul 28 - Aug 1
Bulldogs vs. Dragons, ANZ Stadium
Cowboys vs. Storm, 1300Smiles Stadium
Eels vs. Tigers, ANZ Stadium
Rabbitohs vs. Raiders, ANZ Stadium
Roosters vs. Broncos, Allianz Stadium
Sea Eagles vs. Knights, Brookvale Oval
Titans vs. Sharks, Cbus Super Stadium
Warriors vs. Panthers, Mt Smart Stadium


Aug 4 - Aug 8
Dragons vs. Broncos, WIN Stadium
Eels vs. Sea Eagles, Pirtek Stadium
Knights vs. Bulldogs, Hunter Stadium
Panthers vs. Roosters, Pepper Stadium
Sharks vs. Raiders, Shark Park
Storm vs. Rabbitohs, AAMI Park
Tigers vs. Cowboys, Leichhardt Oval
Titans vs. Warriors, Cbus Super Stadium


Aug 11 - Aug 15
Broncos vs. Eels, Suncorp Stadium
Bulldogs vs. Sea Eagles, ANZ Stadium
Dragons vs. Sharks, Jubilee Oval
Knights vs. Panthers, Hunter Stadium
Raiders vs. Storm, GIO Stadium
Roosters vs. Cowboys, Allianz Stadium
Tigers vs. Titans, Campbelltown Stadium
Warriors vs. Rabbitohs, Mt Smart Stadium


Aug 18 - Aug 22
Broncos vs. Bulldogs, Suncorp Stadium
Cowboys vs. Warriors, 1300Smiles Stadium
Knights vs. Titans, Hunter Stadium
Panthers vs. Tigers, Pepper Stadium
Rabbitohs vs. Sharks, ANZ Stadium
Raiders vs. Eels, GIO Stadium
Roosters vs. Dragons, Allianz Stadium
Sea Eagles vs. Storm, Brookvale Oval


Aug 25 - Aug 29
Bulldogs vs. Cowboys, Belmore Sports Ground
Eels vs. Dragons, Pirtek Stadium
Knights vs. Rabbitohs, Hunter Stadium
Sea Eagles vs. Raiders, Brookvale Oval
Sharks vs. Roosters, Shark Park
Storm vs. Broncos, AAMI Park
Titans vs. Panthers, Cbus Super Stadium
Warriors vs. Tigers, Mt Smart Stadium


Sep 1 - Sep 4
Broncos vs. Roosters, Suncorp Stadium
Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium
Cowboys vs. Titans, 1300Smiles Stadium
Dragons vs. Knights, Jubilee Oval
Panthers vs. Sea Eagles, Pepper Stadium
Storm vs. Sharks, AAMI Park
Tigers vs. Raiders, Leichhardt Oval
Warriors vs. Eels, Mt Smart Stadium


September 9 - September 11


September 16 - September 18


September 23 - September 24


October 2

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